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Product Specifications: One 20 mil 3 x 8 inch sheet

Have you ever wanted to put a sticker on your bike, but were afraid of what it would do to the paint job or chrome when you tried to take it off? So have I... and now I've found the answer. It's called MagPaper.

Each sheet of MagPaper is 3 x 8 inches, perfectly sized to convert any of our stickers to magnetic bike decals. Eight of our standard 1x3 inch stickers will fit on one sheet. MagPaper adhers to any metal surface and is only 20 mils thick to fit snugly on the curves of your bike. I've been riding for months now at interstate speeds with several stickers on my oil tank and sissy bar with no problems.

First, buy your favorite stickers from Bikers' Outpost. Next, determine which ones you want to put on your bike. Then, turn them into re-useable magnetic bike decals by sticking them on your sheet of MagPaper and trimming 'em up with scissors. WA LA... durable and removeable decals that you can put on and take off your bike as often as you like.

Now you can have a whole collection of bike decals to mix and match as you please.

NOTE: Because no long term studies have been conducted with regard to possible damage to different paints and/or chrome surfaces, please use caution when using MagPaper. I would recommend cleaning the magnetic side with alcohol and advise against leaving MagPaper attached for more than a few days at a time... just in case.

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